In 2013, Voodoo Leatherworks opened its doors as the first legal private membership club dedicated to the exploration of alternative sexual activities in Southern Colorado. Voodoo Leatherworks is a counter-culture community center that provides support to anyone living a consent-based alternative lifestyle, including LGBTQAI+, fetishists, swingers, polyamorous groups, and most anyone who has had a difficult time finding acceptance in a "vanilla" society.

We provide support to these groups by:

  • Creating a safe, welcoming space to live a consensual lifestyle.

  • Providing free education programs that are facilitated by active and experienced members of local organizations.

  • Hosting regularly-scheduled alternative social events for members.

  • Providing an outlet for alternative artists and vendors to create and sell their work.

  • Promoting local community-owned businesses.

  • Offering free HIV testing to members through the Southern Colorado AIDS Project (S-CAP).

Most every dollar Voodoo earns is invested back into supporting the community by supporting its free educational programs, social events, and networking opportunities. 80-90% of all sales go directly to the artists and vendors.

Voodoo's space is also available for many other purposes, like dance rehearsals, band rehearsals, live performances, fundraisers, private photoshoots, and more. To submit a request to use the space, send an email with ideas or requests to voodooleatherworks@gmail.com.

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